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How To Be An Activist

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How To Be An Activist Summary

Youth Against Prejudice's activism program teaches young people how to create change against prejudice in the world, and using their voices and creativity to make a personal impact.

They learn how to make their voices heard in many ways, including:

  • Creating content to spread the word about issues that are important to them, including on social media, online and traditional media, local and national press
  • Effective letter writing to elected officials, NGOs, letter to the editor columns, and other outlets that can help shape public policy
  • Recognize bias and prejudice in the media, online, and in society, and address it with their familes, peers and communities
  • How deal with situations where racial slurs or other hateful and prejudical speech is used
  • Learning about political candidates and researching their positions on issues that are important to young people
  • How to become involved in political campaigns to support their chosen candidates
  • Planning for a career in public service, running for office, working with a nonprofit, and other cause-based missions
  • Creating safe places for marginalized people and communities
  • Amplifying the stories of marginazlied people and communities, while supporting their economic and social development
  • Finding creative ways to raise awareness and share stories of injustice and prejudice
  • Learning how to deal with online bullying and attacks that attempt to silence them or shut down their activism

Participants in the activism program will spend time focusing on relevant social and political issues and discussing how they are presented in the media, online, and in day-to-day discussions. Young people in the program will become more aware of how to affect change around the issues that are important to them and increase awareness of their importance in the world.