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Youth Against Prejudice develops programs that raise awareness, educate, inspire and activate young people to become ambassadors of change to eliminate prejudice and racism.

From Our Executive Director

Senor Amor

The nationwide movement for racial justice led by young people from all backgrounds is the inspiration behind Youth Against Prejudice. This family philanthropic organization was inspired by the generosity and loving spirit of my Great Uncle Gelly. Our goal today is to build communities of young ambassadors working toward justice, inclusion, and equality.

As a longtime event planner and DJ in the Los Angeles area, my role at group celebrations, both large and small, has been to ensure that the sponsors and their guests get all that they can out of the experience. As executive director of Youth Against Prejudice my goal likewise is to make certain that the participants in our programs enjoy the time they spend together and get all they can out of these creative interactions.

We want each participant to better understand the traditions, cultures, and art of the different groups that make up a diverse community. Understanding and valuing differences between individuals and groups, we believe, is the first step toward eliminating racism, injustice and prejudice. We believe the qualities that connect us are so much greater than the differences that divide us.

We invite you to join us in making our vision possible. You can invest as a donor, creative partner, or participant in our programs. Please connect with us. We welcome your feedback and look forward to working with young people to develop innovative education by and for youth that will build inclusiveness and neutralize prejudice.


Señor Amor
(née Marc Gordon)