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Youth Programs

Our programs are designed to help participants understand and value differences between individuals and groups as a first step toward acceptance and trust. As student interaction is central to our curriculum, students work side-by-side with others who may not look the same or live in the same neighborhood. Sharing differing viewpoints born out of diverse backgrounds enriches the dialogue and supports creative problem solving. We hope that students will learn as much, or more, from creative collaboration with each other as from the leaders' presentations.

The History of Hip Hop

Category:      Education
The History of Hip Hop will show how composers and performers of different ethnic backgrounds created the music styles - including jazz, gospel, rock and roll, soul, and funk - that led to the development of hip hop.

Art As A Voice For Change

Category:      Activism
The purpose of this program is to enable the participants to use artistic expression to tell their stories of how they have overcome racism and prejudice and replace it with acceptance and understanding. To accomplish this goal, the participants will work in groups with a mentor of their choice in either dance, music, visual art, photography, film, or writing/poetry. They are using artistic tools to have an impact against bias among peers and within communities.

Heroes Program

Category:      Education
The Heroes Program is a seven-week program in which scientists, artists, cultural leaders, political leaders, sport figures, and business people of all ethnic groups will be presented and discussed. Additionally, women, LGBTQ, and those with handicaps will be included. The Heroes discussed will encompass those figures who are often not covered in the traditional curriculum taught in school.

Museum Program

Category:      Education
This program will expose the participants to an in-depth look at different cultures' history and art that they would otherwise not be able to experience. The museum docent's presentation regarding each culture will be specifically designed to address racism, prejudice, acceptance, or understanding.

How To Be An Activist

Category:      Activism

Youth Against Prejudice's activism program teaches young people how to create change against prejudice in the world, and using their voices and creativity to make a personal impact.

They learn how to make their voices heard in many ways, including:

  • Creating content to spread the word about issues that are important to them, including on social media, online and traditional media, local and national press
  • Effective letter writing to elected officials, NGOs, letter to the editor columns, and other outlets that can help shape public policy
  • Recognize bias and prejudice in the media, online, and in society, and address it with their familes, peers and communities
  • How deal with situations where racial slurs or other hateful and prejudical speech is used
  • Learning about political candidates and researching their positions on issues that are important to young people
  • How to become involved in political campaigns to support their chosen candidates
  • Planning for a career in public service, running for office, working with a nonprofit, and other cause-based missions
  • Creating safe places for marginalized people and communities
  • Amplifying the stories of marginazlied people and communities, while supporting their economic and social development
  • Finding creative ways to raise awareness and share stories of injustice and prejudice
  • Learning how to deal with online bullying and attacks that attempt to silence them or shut down their activism

Participants in the activism program will spend time focusing on relevant social and political issues and discussing how they are presented in the media, online, and in day-to-day discussions. Young people in the program will become more aware of how to affect change around the issues that are important to them and increase awareness of their importance in the world.

Youth Against Prejudice Podcast

Category:      Awareness

The Youth Against Prejudice Podcast will be hosted by youth who have gone through one or more YAP programs. Each episode will focus on something to do with racial issues; either how the participants experienced racism or prejudice, or how they dealt with their own issues of prejudice and racism and how they overcame it. Hosts will also interview peers, activists, authors, journalists, political and social leaders, as well as individuals and groups that combat prejudice and racism, specifically covering how to recognize prejudice and racism and how to call it out and eliminate it. One of the outcomes will be to show listeners specific ways to be more tolerant and understanding in their daily lives.