Logan "Logistx" Edra | Youth Against Prejudice Heroes Podcast

Ep. 1: Logan "Logistx" Edra

Ep. 1: Logan "Logistx" Edra

This week's guest is Logan Edra (@logistx_ugf), known to her fans around the world as Logistx. She's an 18-year-old breakdancer from Miami known for combining high-level power moves with beautifully articulate choreography. In 2021, she established herself as one of the world's top b-girls by winning the Red Bull BC One World Final in Poland. This talented athlete and dancer is hoping to represent the United States in the Paris 2024 Olympics, where breakdancing will be featured for the first time.

Logan has used her platform to be an advocate for mental health, and has been open about her own mental health challenges and the issues that young people who compete at the highest levels of dance often face.

Host: Señor Amor
Producer: Matt Mrowicki

Music: "Cada Dia Papel Nuevo"
Written and performed by Ariel Rodriguez and Omar Amaya

Published: February 10, 2022