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Ep. 2: Egypt Ufele

Ep. 2: Egypt Ufele

Episode 2: Egypt Ufele

This week's guest is Egypt Ufele (@bullychasers). She's an inspirational 16-year-old who shows how determination helps young people overcome prejudice and become an example for people of all ages. She was terribly bullied in school because of her weight, which was caused by a medical condition. Instead of being defeated by her mistreatment, she turned to fashion by creating her own inclusive clothing line. Started when she was just 14 years old, Egypt's Chubbiline clothing lets people of all sizes look good and feel confident. She made such an impact that she debuted her collection at New York Fashion Week, the youngest person to do so.

Egypt has also continued to work as an anti-bullying activist. She's spoken in schools on issues of bullying and recently started her own Egypt's Bully Free World Foundation dedicated to ending psychological and emotional bullying.

She's a designer, an author, an activist, and we're happy she's here to share her story.

Host: Señor Amor
Producer: Matt Mrowicki

Music: "Cada Dia Papel Nuevo"
Written and performed by Ariel Rodriguez and Omar Amaya

Published: February 17, 2020