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Youth Against Prejudice Podcast Program

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Youth Against Prejudice Podcast Program Summary

The podcast program gives young people the opportunity to perform all the roles involved in making a podcast from start to finish. These include preparing the topics and questions for each episode, presenting these to peer students for their feedback, and rehearsing the back and forth of the discussion. Students will also learn how to record and edit the podcast, as well as how to distribute the podcast on streaming platforms. These roles will change each week so that by the end of the program all the participants will have done each of the roles and gain knowledge to produce their own podcast. Students will both host the podcast, as well as be guests, which helps improve their communication skills, lets them learn to express themselves, and gain experience speaking out on issues that are important to them.

The program gives voice to the participants, most of whom come from at-risk or otherwise marginalized communities, who too often have not had a say in their own lives and circumstances. The Podcast Program gives each participant the opportunity to have a platform to discuss their own thoughts and ideas about prejudices and biases they face, due to racism, sexism, socioeconomic status, disability, or other factors that can limit their potential.